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Let Us Support You (Literally): We Carry Band Sizes 28-56 and Cup Sizes AA-0

Do you dread shopping for new bras? Do you feel a little bit like Goldilocks on a mission where every bra you try on is just a little too big or a little too small, and the struggle to find one that’s “just right” is virtually endless? 

You are far from alone. Roughly 80% of women wear the wrong bra size for their body, and that’s usually because they don’t go for regular fittings when they buy one. Your body is constantly changing, so you can’t assume that the bra that fits you perfectly two years ago is the same size you need today — and there’s more to a perfectly fitted bra than band size and cup size alone.

When you have a bra fitting, here’s what you expert is going to look at:

1. Band Size

To get the best support, your bra band should be snug but comfortable. An inch too loose, and your breasts may sag as the band starts traveling up your back. An inch too tight, and you’ll be uncomfortable in your bra, spilling over in the front and pinched on the sides.

2. Cup Size

When a cup is too large, you get caps and pockets and don’t look attractive or support your breasts. When the cup on your bra is too small, you may be pinching the tissue in your breasts and forcing your shoulders to carry their weight through the straps, which can lead to neck and shoulder pain that won’t relent.

3. Support 

Breasts come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and your bra should be uniquely suited to support yours. Even small breasts can benefit from the right support, which keeps breasts from sagging and stretching over time. Breasts that are full on the bottom, for example, may need more support from a wider band underneath, while breasts that are rounder may need a bra with a wider back and more hooks to get full support.

4. Straps

Knowing how to adjust the straps on your bra is essential to a good fit. They should be adjusted so that they feel snug, but not so tightly that you can’t squeeze two fingers under them. That leaves you with the support your chest needs without constricting your movements or pulling on your back. Bra straps that are too loose (or starting to wear out) will constantly slip out of place.

5. Center Gore

The spacing between the cups on a bra may be one of the most overlooked aspects of a good fit. If you have a wide chest, for example, your breasts may be spaced further apart than average. If you buy a bra with cups that touch instead of one that has a gap between them, your bra cups won’t be properly centered over your breasts.

At the Busted Bra Shop, our fitters are professionally trained in New York by Freddy Zappe, and we’ve made it our mission to help everyone find the bra that fits best and feels (and looks) beautiful. Check us out to learn more!

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