Holiday Gift Ideas for the Luxury Spa Addict

When it comes to gift-giving ideas, it can be challenging to select just the right gifts for everyone on your holiday list. Choosing just the right gift for each friend and loved one is so important. 

This year, many gift-givers are focusing on gifts that can be used by the recipients right at home. If you have a luxury spa addict in your life, you might want to include some luxurious spa products and items as holiday gifts this year. Below are some of our favorite suggestions for all those who aren’t on your naughty list.

Soft Marshmallow Blankets

After a relaxing day of spa treatments, nobody wants to climb into bed with a scratchy blanket or a too-bulky comforter. A special lady on your holiday guest list will love lying abed ensconced in a marshmallow blanket made of the softest naturally-hypoallergenic Tencel material. 

These designer marshmallow blankets draw their inspiration from nature. Considered to be even more cooling against the skin than linen and softer than the finest silk, Tencel is made from eucalyptus fiber.

Because of the natural disinfectant properties present in eucalyptus, Tencel is very resistant to bacterial growth on the marshmallow blanket’s fibers. In these pandemic times, that is a real added value. 

Tencel is considered to be 70% more absorbent than other materials. But these blankets can easily be washed right in the washing machine. Want to make your present of a Tencel marshmallow blanket even more special? Wrap it around all or some of the following popular spa amenities.

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

Any serious luxury spa addict will love the gift of Dead Sea salt body scrub. You can even make your own with the following DIY recipe:

  • A cup of Dead Sea salt
  • Half-cup of oil — coconut, hemp, almond, grapeseed, or apricot
  • Dozen drops of the essential oil your loved one prefers
  • A teaspoon of Vitamin E oil

Mix it all together and pour the body scrub into a pretty Sterling silver decorative container. This can make a lovely little stocking stuffer for your sweetest one.

Scented Soy Candles

Enhance any spa or bath-time experience with a scented soy candle to ease tension and promote relaxation right before bedtime. A scent like lavender or jasmine can help aid meditation and allow your intended recipient to drift off to sleep easily after a long day.

Luxury White Cotton Towel

There is nothing like stepping out of a hot, steaming bath or invigorating shower and wrapping yourself up in one of Maple & Moon’s thick, luxury white cotton towels. When it comes to decadence and luxury, this is how to make the recipient feel utterly spoiled and very special.

Some people prefer colorful towels to luxury white cotton towels. Our high-quality cotton navy moonlight towels made of the soft, fluffy pile are lightweight, yet absorbent and easily air-dried. Made in the Imbari region of Japan, our towels conform to the highest standards of quality.

Whoever is on your gift-giving list, you can find the right luxury spa accessory here at Maple & Moon.

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