Do Hair Loss Vitamins Really Work?

Hair loss, or alopecia, can either affect your scalp or the entire body. Alopecia can be due to medical conditions, hormonal changes, genetics, or normal aging. Although some vitamin supplements claim to work on hair loss, a scalp tattoo might be a more ideal solution in many cases. Choosing a reliable micropigmentation company will help you with thinning hair, scars, hair loss, and balding.

Top Benefits Why You Should Choose a Scalp Tattoo

Losing hair can hurt your self-esteem and quality of life. Unfortunately, not all treatments or vitamins tend to work. However, scalp tattooing is one of the most credible and trusted options that you may bank on. It offers the following benefits:

No False Claim 

The market is saturated with several vitamins, hair products, and supplements that claim to grow your hair magically. Most people invest in these products with the assurance of getting cured of thinning hair, alopecia, and baldness. In many instances, however, the results of these treatments can be very inconsistent at best. 

However, micropigmentation or scalp tattoo doesn’t claim to grow your hair back. Instead, the procedure is meant to treat your hair issues in a different but effective way. 

Seamless and Quick Procedure 

If you were to take supplements, it might take you months to see results, if results are even seen at all. Nevertheless, the scalp micropigmentation procedure is an advanced hair tattooing technique that provides great results after only a few sessions. With about two or three sessions, the professionals assure you of realistic and effective results. 


Micropigmentation is a simple procedure with high efficacy. It’s a comparatively cost-effective option, because you only need a one-time investment. This means that once the sessions are over, you don’t need to keep a tone of shampoos, tonics, or continuous supplements to look good. 

This is a permanent solution that doesn’t need any post-procedural medications. This makes it affordable to all people seeking treatment. Some professionals may also offer a discount or simple payment plans. 

Heals Faster 

Some supplements or hair products may come with unexpected side effects. However, the scalp tattooing process promises to heal faster and doesn’t have any side effects. It’s a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t give you infections, scars, or stitches. You tend to get back to normal life soonest. 

No Maintenance Required 

A scalp tattoo mimics your natural hair and does not require expensive serums, shampoos, or oils. All you need is to keep your scalp clean. You may use some wax or gel to keep the hair shiny for special occasions. 

It’s a Safe Procedure 

Scalp tattooing doesn’t involve any chemicals, so you don’t get scared of adverse side effects. It doesn’t require any incisions, so you can rest easy knowing you will never need to worry about scars, infections, or other such risks.

Choosing Reliable Professionals Should be a Priority 

Where supplements and vitamins fail, micropigmentation succeeds. It’s an effective hair loss solution because it offers 100% results. However, you may need a touch-up after every five to seven years. Scalp tattooing provides people struggling with alopecia a stylish alternative to hair loss vitamins or surgeries. 

Scalp Micro USA is your reliable scalp micropigmentation expert. With experienced artists that customize services and products to suit each client’s individual needs. Their team of experts ensures the entire procedure yields the best result. Call today and have your baldness treated to your satisfaction! 

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