3 Spices that Compliment Smoked Sea Salt

Most people really like salt. Almost any dish just feels incomplete without it. If you’re interested in stepping up your salt game, adding a smoked sea salt to your spice cabinet is a great option. To help you use your smoked salt like a seasoned chef, we’ll suggest some ways to combine the salt with other spices to bring new flavors to your kitchen.

What is Smoked Sea Salt?

Smoked sea salt is essentially what it sounds like. It’s salt as you know it, but the salt is infused with smoke flavor. Typically, smoked salt is made by putting the salt in a smoker and letting it absorb the flavor and aroma of whatever wood is burning in the smoker. The finished product retains all of the usual properties of salt, but also carries a nice, smoky overtone. 

How Can You Use Smoked Sea Salt?

You can use smoked salt almost anywhere you would use regular salt. The smoky flavor is a great compliment for nearly any dish. It is especially good in dry rubs for meat and marinades for fish. Smoked salt also adds great depth of flavor to grilled and roasted vegetables. 

What Spices Compliment Smoked Salt?

Regular salt goes with almost any other spice. Table salt has a one-note flavor, and nothing else really overpowers it. Smoked salt, on the other hand, is a little bit more delicate. When cooking with smoked salt, it is important to choose other spices that do not mask the smoke flavor. The good news is that there are a lot of winning combinations out there. Here are some spices that combine deliciously with smoked salt. 


Cayenne is a fantastic compliment for smoked salt. Cayenne pepper brings a slow burning heat to the table, and its single-note flavor punch is sure to develop your dish without being too strong for your smoked salt. This combination is wonderful for dishes like fish tacos. The savory smoke from the salt and the back-of-the-tongue heat from the cayenne work beautifully to bring out the sweetness of white fish. The smoked salt and cayenne also make a lovely counterbalance to the cooling effect of sour cream or crema sauce.


Cinnamon is one of the most versatile spices out there. Fabulous in sweet and savory dishes alike, the possibilities are endless. Cinnamon also makes a great accompaniment to smoked salt. Cinnamon has a distinctly earthy flavor, so the smoke in smoked salt hits a harmonious note. This combination works really well in dry rubs for red meat. It is also delicious in sweet dishes. Next time you make cinnamon rolls, add a small dash of smoked salt and taste the difference! 


Paprika is a flavorful addition to most savory dishes. It is commonly used in dry rubs, chili, and eggs, to name a few possibilities. This subtle red spice is also a perfect companion for smoked salt. Paprika lends itself to smoky flavors, and putting it alongside smoked salt amplifies its overall effect in your dish. One great way to use paprika and smoked salt together is in deviled eggs. Either add both spices to your egg mixture or combine them and sprinkle them on top to finish your eggs!

Bring Some Smoked Salt to Your Kitchen

Smoked sea salt is an amazing ingredient to step up your flavor game. It is versatile and flavorful, and it compliments many other spices beautifully. There are a thousand delicious possibilities.  Oregano Spices has a large selection of differnt kinds of smoked sea salt. 

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